I am writing this post as a rally cry to all tea lovers out there who care about our future generations. We have to do more to educate the masses about the pleasures and health enhancing properties of tea. We can no longer sit idly by while the children of this country increasingly become victims of the trend toward obesity and Type II diabetes, finally succumbing to the solutions of our misguided health care system.

I just heard a disturbing interview and report on National Public Radio about the increase in serious health problems in the youth of this country. The biggest crisis was identified as the growing obesity epidemic and all of its associated disorders. None of this is new information. What was new and really disturbing, however, was the report that the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) just issued a statement approving physicians to prescribe Statin drugs (e.g. Lipitor) for children as young as 8 – and in some cases 4 years old! I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Statin medications, but they have their share of side effects, not the least of which is myositis (inflammation of the muscles) and myopathy (muscle diseases). These drugs also cause a depletion of Ubiquinone in the body – a vital substance and primary aid to energy production in the body through the mitochondria.

As is our wont, we tend to look to the quick and easy route to solve our problems, regardless of their complexity. The healthcare crisis that we have in this country is obviously a complex societal issue that needs to be addressed on numerous levels. For a group of pediatricians to believe that the solution to preventing future coronary events in adults is to start treating their cholesterol problems with powerful pharmaceuticals in children is patently ridiculous and downright embarrassing. There is little long term data on the effects of these drugs on adults, let alone children. A group of pediatricians – physicians whose specialty is children’s healthcare – should be advocates for children, not pharmaceutical companies. Healthcare professionals should be working with public and private health organizations to help promote healthy lifestyle changes and practices in families. I hate to be so cynical, but it would be interesting to know if members of the AAP have affiliations with pharmaceutical companies.

So this is what our society has been reduced to: as we progress toward self destruction, the medical community’s solution is to continue to use more invasive synthetic substances to attempt to dig us out from under our own stupidity and need for immediate gratification. It was bad enough that we caused this problem. It is unacceptable that we are foisting this folly onto our children. We just can’t go on in this fashion. I ask all of you to take up your arms (those things from your shoulders to your fingertips – not guns) and use them to start handing people cups of tea or information about tea. Invite your friends with kids over for tea and let the children participate in the making of it. Educate families about how they can use tea to provide a healthy and tasty beverage to their children instead of soda or other high sugar beverages. Go into your local schools and do what T Ching has done: create regular tea times during the day for kids to drop in to taste and learn. Once you’ve got a following, invite parents in to see what their kids are enjoying.

Let’s each begin to spark awareness and appreciation of the benefits of regular tea consumption in just a few people each month. If each of those individuals or families can then do the same; we can create an exponentially expanding network that just might be able to turn this juggernaut around more naturally.

Obviously, drinking tea is just one component of a multivariable solution to this problem. Simply drinking tea won’t solve the problem. But it is a way to create awareness and to impact one of the most significant contributors to childhood obesity: the regular and abundant consumption of beverages with high sugar content.

Here’s our rally cry: Say No To Statins and Yes To Biluochuns