Can one industry come together to reduce the ever-growing rates of obesity? With obesity at an all-time high there is no better time than NOW! Will the TEA industry rise to meet this challenge?

This is what fellow STI (Specialty Tea Institute) member, Dharlene Fahl-Brittian from TAKE UP THE CUP, was asking at the World Tea Expo from her exhibit booth. She has created a self-esteem and self-empowerment program for overweight teens and ‘tweens and she is requesting the help of our industry. Having been an overweight child and teen and morbidly obese herself eight years ago, she says, “Obesity is about self-value and self-worth, and not just about diet and exercise.”

She is asking for our entire industry to take a stand behind the health benefits and weight-loss properties of our beverage and get out into our communities and make a difference. She is looking for support with her program – The Lean Teen Self-Esteem program, and, is also encouraging others in the industry to get involved with the many obesity related programs already in existence in most communities. She can be reached through her sites, and Email