I’m a big fan of Dr. Mehmet Oz. Oprah has him on her show at least once a month. The man has single- handedly turned America on to a lot of healthy ideas and dispelled many myths and answered lots of difficult questions – everything you’ve always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. I know Dr. Oz is a fan of green and white tea and I was sorry to notice that he missed the opportunity to encourage people to drink tea during his discussion of oral health. (Editor’s note: Link to article has been removed. See bottom of post for more information.)

Nothing will improve the “oral cavity” as much as tea. We’re beginning to see tea in many dental products but the truth is, just keep some fresh tea handy and swish it around in your mouth before bed – after you’ve brushed and flossed. I typically do a final steep before going up to bed, of whatever tea is in one of the many pots that I’ve used that day. By the time I’ve washed, brushed and flossed, I’m ready for a final swish of tea. I like having that delicious taste in my mouth – obviously no remaining caffeine to keep me awake- knowing that it’s doing it’s job to kill the remaining bacteria in my mouth while I drift off to sleep. My dentist actually said – “This is a different mouth. What are you doing?” I can’t say that he bought the association to tea – this was six years ago and the public hadn’t yet embraced the health benefits of tea. I was undaunted, however, as I knew the tea rinse was what had made the difference.

I met Dr. Milton Schiffenbauer at Pace University a few years ago. He’s one of our guest contributors here at T Ching. He’d been a microbiologist for over 50 years and still had trouble believing the results of his research. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” he remarked, “that tea just kills everything. I put a nasty bacteria, virus or fungus on a petri dish and add some green tea and within 10 minutes, everything is dead and the dish is clean”.

If you’re wanting to impress your dentist and hygienist – just remember to swish a little tea around your mouth and smile, knowing that you’ve made your mouth and dentist very happy.

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Editor’s Note 04/26/2019 – The link to the mentioned article has been removed because we were contacted and informed that the website no longer exists. Please see this article for more information about the website going offline.