In the past few years tea has received a lot of press as a magical weight loss aid. From Oprah to The National Enquirer  – oolong has been claimed to be “a MIRACULOUS fat burner and metabolism booster!” Just after the New Year, T Ching’s own Sandy Bushberg wrote about green tea and weight loss.   Scores of products, from green tea gum to green tea metabolism-booster-fat-burner capsules populate the shelves of your favorite Big Box. Prices are dear, but then, you didn’t expect to “Lose 55 lbs in just 11 weeks!” without shelling out a few shekels, did you?

Okay, I admit it . . . being just a biscuit short of 200 lbs and the honor of being assigned my own zip code, I am curious about weight loss. Like most other folks enjoying the middle of my sixth decade, a weight loss program which spares me the indignities of working out at the gym and munching celery sticks all day has lots of appeal. But, when I read the fine print (bifocals required) on the green-tea-gum-weight-loss miracle product, I find that lots of caffeine has been added to the mix. Much as I wanted to lose weight without exercising or making responsible food choices . . .

It isn’t going to happen. Caffeine in excess is not my cup of tea. Browsing around, I found an excellent article – on a tea blog – of course, that is very realistic about weight loss and oolong tea. Visit it for yourself: “Oolong Tea and Weight Loss.” 

Bottom line? Losing weight requires the following: use more calories than you consume. There are two ways to go about it: exercise a lot more; eat a lot less. Reward yourself with several cups of Oolong. Good luck!