I was watching 60 minutes and stumbled upon an interview with Senator Clinton. She said she’s switched from coffee to tea and eliminated high sugar beverages like sodas. And here I was ready to write her off. Oprah’s Dr Oz has suggested the same thing. They’ve enlisted tens of thousands of people around the country to participate in their weight loss/health program this year. He formally asked America to give up sodas for two weeks. Although that’s a bit short, time wise, it makes the statement that sodas are a contributing factor in the obesity epidemic.

The message is clear: tea is a wonderful, healthy beverage to incorporate into our life. When properly brewed, it provides a delicious taste without additives, while giving us a powerful antioxidant boost. If that isn’t enough, consider this: this ancient beverage offers a ritual that encourages a peaceful mindset into our hectic twenty-first century lifestyle. Who would have thought this humble plant, camellia sinensis could provide us with so much goodness?

I have written before about developing a family ritual around tea. It provides a wonderful opportunity for a busy family to get together and share the events of their day. We have a custom in this country to offer a warm beverage to someone who is not feeling well, be it physical or emotional. A warm beverage is comforting. Tea comforts the body and the soul. If we can learn to identify this elixir of health with warm and loving family time, we have taken a huge step forward in securing the health and wellness of our family system. Let’s all drink to that!

[photo credit: Family Tea by Walter Sanders/Life at www.life.com]