One of T Ching’s active subscribers, Fr. Patrick, sent a link to an article from the Dayton Daily News. Once again, here is proof that tea is gaining ground in the heartland. The article is clearly written for the uninitiated, including information about the types of tea, the history of tea, and many statistics about tea. The article does an especially nice job of explaining the difference between the genuine article and all of the herbal or floral infusions called tea.

Regular readers of the T Ching blog will note that iced tea is almost never mentioned in our posts without a note of derision. However, iced tea may well be the “gateway tea” for future fanciers of whole leaf in its purest and dearest form. You purists out there must never lose sight of the goal: more people drinking more Camellia sinensis! After all, for many of us, iced tea was a summer staple. Throwing a dozen English Breakfast teabags into a gallon jar of cold water and letting it brew in the sun all day was ritualistically followed by adding half a cup of sugar and squeezing a whole lemon into the brew just after removing the tea bags.

The bittersweet brew was bracing at best.

Tea shops and whole tea awareness have long been common on the East and West Coasts, and certainly the hot beverage of choice for our Northern neighbor, eh? In the last three weeks, we have seen endorsement in Michigan, on Oprah, and now: Ohio!

Wonder which state will sign on next?