When you buy a new hat or a new car, you become immediately aware of how many people in your small world own the same fashion accessory. Since converting to tea just over a year ago, I have noticed not just the plethora of bottled tea drinks and tea bags, but also tea tablets, tea cookies, and tea toiletries. I have managed to resist most of these temptations.

But the luna tea cakes were calling out to me. Just 99 cents, sporting a profile of a woman dancing in the moonlight with a tea pot in her hand, and the words “tea-infused baked snack,” I took a second look. Then I read more closely: USDA organic, Omega-3, the fat-protein-fiber in equal measure . . . the hook was set. Four flavors, four different teas, four different claims for female wellness, and the cash register was closing as I dismissed the small stuff: lots of “good sugar;” 130 calories – 20% of which come from fat.

I bought all four.

The first one I tried was the Mint Chocolate, for “heart health.” Inside the beautiful foil wrapper was a 2″ x 2″ bar, drizzled sparely with icing and scored down the middle for two servings. Chewy and chocolatey, the texture is halfway between a soft-baked cookie and a brownie, but certainly not cakey. The sweetness is balanced very nicely with the mint and chewy oats to make a very satisfying snack. Tasty, too. As for the tea, green in this case, it is so subtle as to be undetectable.

I suggest you brew a cup of your favorite tea several times a day. Every once in a while, treat yourself to a luna tea cake while you sip.