I’ve been a fan of Dr. Mehmet Oz after seeing him on Oprah last year and reviewing his first book YOU – The Owners Manual. I was impressed with the readability of the information for the general public. I’ve Tivoed his name and as a result find shows that’s he’s in occasionally appearing on my screen. I was delighted to find such a show this week where Monday’s Oprah was waiting for me. I was drinking my white tea as I fast forwarded through the credits and found Dr. Oz’s check list for his “ultimate” anti-aging superfoods diet. If you go to oprah.com you’ll see information about his checklist in the upper left corner. The show began with the following question, “What should be in your diet?” The answer was ANTIOXIDANTS. Dr. Oz called foods rich in antioxidants as “age defying foods.”

Dr. Oz spent time talking about our favorite topic . . . TEA. He highlighted white tea as even more antioxidant rich than green tea. I was very pleased to see that he suggested everyone drink four cups of green or white tea daily. Tea is right up there with blueberries and other “super foods.” I was disappointed to hear Oprah say that she didn’t drink anything with caffeine as I had heard through the media that she was a tea drinker. Obviously an entire show could and should be dedicated to tea and information about caffeine. He explained briefly that white and green tea had very low amounts of caffeine. A lot more could have been said. Someone needs to tell Oprah about “washing” off the first rinse, along with the majority of the caffeine. Does anyone have an Oprah connection? I’d be happy to do the show!