It was just last Leap Year
That we began to fear
That what was stolen could now be won.
No matter who ran against that shrub of a man
Would lose and find his future undone.
How thankful are we,
For the soothing cup of tea
That transports us to worlds faraway.
The moments at hand may seem largely unplanned
Drink a cuppa and keep them at bay.
Tea drinking can help you to find
The humor and sweet peace of mind
That helps you endure stress every day.
From the toys on the shelf to our odd sense of self
Tea chases this obsession away.
Unfurling right there in the gaiwan
Is a precious new tea from Taiwan
That smells like it was cut just this morn.
The timer might beckon, but enjoy the second
Cup of tea that will make you reborn.

[photo credit: main post image by Earlette; tea by Drfullochit; at]