In a recent post by T Ching president Sandy Bushberg, he mentions the confusion between oxidation, processing, and fermentation as it pertains to our favorite leaf. Wouldn’t you know that just a few hours after reading that post, I would find a long article, titled “What’s in a Leaf” that nicely summarizes a lot of the medical benefits of our favorite brew? The article asserts that “the less tea is processed, the better it is for you,” making very clear the health distinctions between white, green, black.

Published just last week in an area that is both culturally and geographically unique, the article does a lot to promote the drinking of tea among Americans who work in the trades. While some purists would balk at the suggestion to start with flavored or herbal infusions, take a moment to reflect on what we want more people to do. Drink tea. And, if they get to drinking real tea after first trying Roastaroma Spice (Celestial Seasonings) in, er, bags . . . it is a victory that they come back to try the real thing, no?

The first tea experience, like first love, will forever color and nuance future encounters. Bravo to “The Daily Mining Gazette” for giving tea “a go.”

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