Ozzy Osbourne, best known as vocalist for the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, made news last week when he revealed that he “loves tea.” Having just celebrated his 59th birthday, Osbourne is better known for his spooky lyrics, drug and alcohol abuse, and sometimes disorderly behavior than he is for his fondness of The Leaf.

While it is not surprising that a British citizen of any class is crazy about tea, it is encouraging that one with three generations of musical influence would be so vocal about it while staying in Los Angeles. Having starred in a very successful reality television program, Osbourne has become something of a household word in his homeland.

That is not to say that anyone should adopt the use of his favorite adjective, but everyone can benefit from adopting his favorite beverage. Rather than see this as a “step down” for our beloved beverage, embrace it as a sober endorsement of a life-giving brew. Ozzy just might have helped make hot tea very cool.

Right on!

[ photo credits: post main image by Humor Me at www.humormeblog.beloblog.com ; ozzy by The Sun at www.img.thesun.co.uk ]