How many of us made yet another list of New Year’s resolutions? For those who did, I suspect that adding exercise to your routine was prominently placed on that list. No one will dispute that exercise is good for your health. But what can you do each and every day that is also healthy for you? Drink fluids.

Here in Oregon, it’s very common to see people walking around with a water bottle, or for those more health conscious and environmentally friendly, a nalgene bottle, or the newer, brightly colored stainless steel bottles. Let me call your attention to what should go into those bottles. . . you guessed it: TEA! I’m not talking about the sugary sweet bottled iced tea that is all over the super market shelves, I’m talking about home-brewed tea that is chock full of amazingly healthy pholyphenols.

Take a few minutes and brew up some green or white tea in the morning before you leave the house. If you’re using the stainless steel bottle, you don’t even have to wait for the tea to cool. Just fill up your bottle, and off you go to work or play. It’s quite easy to sip throughout the day. Whether you’re exercising at the gym, taking a hike in your local park or sitting at your desk . . . drink up. Remember, the British Health Council dispelled the urban myth that these low-caffeine teas were dehydrating. They provide the hydration of water but pack a hefty antioxidant punch, to boot. Who could ask for anything more? So drink to YOUR health . . . all day long.

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