I’m a subscriber to a monthly newsletter called Alternatives. It’s written by Dr. David Williams and is basically for health-conscious people in the alternative community. I’m delighted to read the new study out of Israel from the Technion Institute of Science. They have found that green tea not only “protects the brain cells from dying, but also helps restore damaged brain cells.” Prior to this study, the general feeling was that once a neuron or nerve cell was damaged, there was no way it could be repaired. Dr. Williams goes on to remind us that although the results were achieved with mice, mice are used because “many pathways in the mouse brain mimic ones found in humans.”

Another point he makes is, “the incidence of age-related neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s,┬áis significantly lower among the tea-drinking Asian cultures than in both European and American.” He concludes his article with the suggestion, “There’s no downside to including 2 to 4 cups of green tea in your current regimen. We already know about its protective effects when it comes to cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. Knowing that it might be the first natural substance to both prevent destruction and restore neuron function in the brain should be an incentive to start drinking green tea now.” I couldn’t have said it better.