We’re starting a photo gallery of tea related images. Submit yours for our visual delight. We’d like to use the photos for our blog posts. We’ve got lots of ideas that we’re tossing around and would love to get some favorite tea photos of yours to add to the collection. Of course you’ll receive acknowledgment for the image. If it is selected for use in printed material, we’ll send you a gift certificate to be used at the T Ching store. If you include a photo of yourself, we’ll post it on the blog along with your tea image. Those of you familiar with T Ching know that we use at least two images with each post. Scotia, our art director, is doing a fabulous job finding exciting and stimulating images for us.

I’ve resisted using the classic cliche till now but I just can’t stop myself . . . “A picture is worth a thousand words”. We’d love to SEE what you have to SAY. Please download your images to editor@tching.com

Do it for fun. Do it to add to your portfolio. Do it for the free gift. . . but DO IT!