Month: January 2008

Matcha Makes Mark!

As part of T Ching’s quest to turn teens on to tea, a matcha tasting was scheduled for Thursday, January 17, at noon at the local high school. Eleven students signed up; eleven invitations were sent; and seventeen eager...

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A Tea Song

Dan Chiu was an ImmortalWho cared nothing for rich foods.But, after picking some tea & drinking it,he sprouted wings,And flew to the Abode of The Immortals,To escape life’s emptiness.Now he lives among the cloudsIn a...

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The Story of Tea

I was delighted to have the opportunity to review Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss’ book, The Story of Tea : A Cultural History and Drinking Guide. The term I would use to describe it is encyclopedic. The 417 pages are...

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