So, where are we now? In my first post, I shared my conversion experience. In the second, what tipped me from the mundane to the sublime. Now I will share the discoveries of my favorites – of the moment!

My day starts with deep dark rich Ceylonese that travels here via Sri Lanka, Iran, and Greece. Finally it is wholesaled to my favorite little Pakistani grocery store down the street. This tea is infused in a favorite, well-seasoned utensil. I am planning on adding a special grown Assam to this morning ritual shortly.

Other favorites are Kishanganj Snow Bud, Matcha Genmaicha, JunShan (yellow), and for the afternoon or evening – based upon my schedule -Pue’rh Tuo Cha. All are prepared with triple filtered water, mineral content adjusted.

In accordance with my taste buds, I steep my tea for fewer than the minutes recommended for “fuller flavor.” Except for the Pue’rh, which I steep for 7 to 10 minutes to bring it all out! I use the steeping guidelines as a basis for water temperature. Adjust as you see fit. I recommend starting off by cupping the fresh leaves in your hands to warm them, inhaling the wonderful aroma of the fields and gardens of origin. This sensory step adds to a fuller appreciation of the product.

On my list to try, when time permits, are more Oolongs and Darjeelings.

One of projects I am working on here in town, is to add a very special Tea Room to an old Bank Building – over 100 years – in Center City of Allentown, Pennsylvania. The building is a sculptured master piece, complete with marble floors and walls. The Tea Room is in the planning phase, although the business plan for it was written by yours truly several years ago. Until recently, the plan lacked the proper location. I will keep you posted as the venture unfolds. Hopefully it will be finished and offering tea by the end of next year.

Till next time…PJF