Second in a series

Time flew between 2003 to 2006, and my exploration into different tea varieties did not progress much. Remember this was a transition period, and I was still very much involved in the specialty coffee industry as a consultant.

The big eye opener for me came in October 2006 at a Fresh Cup Magazine “Road Show” event in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I was running a booth for a client, a craft specialty coffee roaster. Around the corner from us on the trade show floor, was Bill Waddington, owner of Tea Source. We talked a while, and he served me a cup of Puerh Tuo Cha that “knocked my socks off”. It beat any espresso, or espresso based drink I had ever had. Mind you, Puerh is an acquired taste far healthier for you than any coffee drink. It wasn’t until 1995 that the United States Food and Drug Administration would recognize and allow it imported to this country on a regular basis.

A professional relationship between Bill Waddington and me grew from that introduction, and I discovered how educated and well traveled he was in the art Teas & Herbal infusions. It was here that my real education about the exotic variety of high end quality teas from around the world really began. In 2007 I discovered T Ching. Then and there things really started changing. My first shipment from T Ching contained a very efficient, hand crafted, single serve glass tea pot.

T Ching’s teas are probably the best that money can buy. I am having a great time enjoying them every day – numerous times when I’m around. Or taking part of my “stash” with me to introduce to others. In my next installment, I will share my learning to enjoy these teas, as well as my experimentation with different styles of preparation. I hope that many of you are relating to this little story as it unfolds. Thank you for your kind comments thus far. All helpful suggestions about this process as I am going through will be greatly appreciated.

Till next time….PJF