I just came upon a blog from the National Post, written by Dave Gordon. He says that “Starbucks wants kids.”

I find his logic a bit disturbing. He argues that perhaps it’s not such a big deal if our kids – he uses the example of junior high school age kids- want to have a cup of coffee. He’d rather see kids interacting with their friends over a coffee rather than being on the internet or consumed by a computer game. He compares the damage (from caffeine) to a soda or a chocolate bar, which kids can rather easily secure.

If he is going to talk about health and wellness, why isn’t he talking about green or white tea? With over 2200 tea shops springing up around the country, there’s the perfect after school place for kids to hang out. A cup of tea is easily available for less than $2.00 and if it’s properly prepared, no additional sweetener will be needed. The inherent ritual of steeping tea, which is usually available at a tea house, adds to the mystique of this ancient brew.

With confirmation of teens’ interest in tea through Regena’s Tuesday Tea, we have a beginning awareness that kids actually like tea. Let’s all encourage the teens we know to get turned on to tea: be they nieces, nephews, neighbors’ or friends’ kids. We can each have an impact on kids who we come in contact with. Let’s start a national health movement and call it “Take a Teen to TEA.” I’d love to hear your stories with teens that you know.