Here are the entries received from the tea haiku contest. The first comment on that post was just the incentive needed!

mado no soto
ha ga uzumakare
ocha wo nomu

outside my window
the leaves are swirling around
as i drink my tea

I took a little liberty in translation with the second line, the original meaning is ‘the swirling of the leaves’ in passive tense,
i.e. something is causing the leaves to swirl… Hope you like it!

–Alex Lozowski

Teen-agers in class
No teachers emailing me
Warm the soul with tea.

Loud, hectic morning
Relax, calm the soul with tea
Life is good, you see.

Loud, hectic morning
Relax, calm the mind with tea
Reflect and give thanks.

–Vicki Taylor


Boiling, brewing, steep
The aroma drifts up slow
Finally, I drink.

Rich dark liquid
Isles of Japan in a cup
Scalding, healing, brew.

–Kelbe Thompson


Gunmetal grey sky
Chill air fills my mouth and nose
Hot tea in red hands

–Anne Lerch

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