I’ve borrowed the title of an article in the October 8th U.S. News and World Report. I got an email this morning from our own Paul Fiske alerting me to this interesting piece. Dr. John Foxe from the City University of New York notes that “We have reports going back thousands of years that drinking tea makes people feel relaxed. But it also seems to make them more alert.” Dr. Foxe, a neuroscientist, is doing research on attention deficit disorder, commonly known as ADD. It appears that the amino acid theanine, “causes a decrease in the brain’s alpha waves, which enables people to perform complex attentional tasks, causing them to pay closer attention”. The report goes on to say tea may help in the battle of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Early research with mice is very promising, according to an Israeli vice director at the National Parkinson Foundation. “Green tea’s main antioxidant shows an ability to curb brain cell death and encourage neurons to repair themselves.” Who could ask for anything more?