As tea becomes more and more popular and increasingly sought after for its health benefits, we will continue to see it show up in the most unlikely places, especially in the U.S. We are unique in the way that we can transform even the healthiest substances into forms that fit our unhealthy lifestyles. Take a look at this fun video singing about one of the many unique entrants into the tea market: Smirnoff’s Raw Green Tea. It boggles my mind to think about how many people out there will be consuming bottles of this stuff or prepared drinks at their local bar and restaurants thinking that they too will now be getting in their health quota of green tea. Just throw in sugar or alcohol with your green tea and you’re good to go. Who cares how much green tea is actually in this stuff.

Help me out people. What will it take to get the message out there that there is more to the benefits of taking time to prepare and drink a real cup of tea than just shoving the basic ingredients down your throat infused with a bunch of other crap.