Leaf glows, waiting to give something of its essence to man. Waiting for its meeting with water, a soulful combining about to ignite. A gift from nature, an invitation to a very old rhythm

Flavors shine-evolving, transforming into different shapes, transmuting, telling ones tongue different stories of a far off place. Sometimes inner, sometimes outer.

Being (of leaf), offered to Being at the heart of a human, the experience becoming part of their life, their memories, their resonance with nature, the fabric of that moment being sown into the wider fabric of ones life.

Textures slide-transporting, carrying oils and essence across the lips, the tongue, the palette, the throat, through the solar plexus to the belly.

Aromas escape a small pot- winding upwards- evaporating back to mix with air- essence surrendering to essence. Molecules carried a thousand miles until they rain down on ocean or mountain. From pot to sea, from cloud to roots, from nature back into nature.

So much meeting, combining, sharing, giving, waiting to happen in the bottom of a cup.  That cup is YOU!