From Australia’s The Advertiser

Australia’s Minister of Health, John Hill, launched an AUD $14 million, four year campaign to teach young children, and especially toddlers, the benefits of a healthy life style.  The program is aptly named Start Right Eat Right.  Children aged under five will be the target of this new state government initiative to combat the growing obesity epidemic.

“We have an epidemic facing us in terms of obesity, as a government, as a state and as a community we have to address this,” Mr. Hill said.  According to this article in The Advertiser, 1 in 5 children is overweight or obese. I believe that statistics is similar to ours in the U.S.  It certainly sounds like something we need to do here as well. Their program includes fresh fruit and yogurt in the morning and tea in the afternoon.  Who knew the Aussies were so progressive.

Until we can develop a program which encourages parents with young children and pre-schoolers to improve their food selections, we are sure to cripple our already ailing medical institutions with the glut of serious health problems that are predisposed by obesity. Tea offers health benefits that are unique among the beverage options that are readily available. No other single beverage has the amount of health benefits that are found in tea, and is an affordable choice and readily available. Young children especially get the majority of their calories from the beverages they consume. I believe the key is to introduce tea to children before they are conditioned to seek beverages with high sugar content.  Wake up America…it’s time for TEA!