Liang Chun Chih is the Executive Editor of The Art of Tea Magazine; a most marvelous publication that aspires “to become yet another medium of art through which tea is commemorated.” Here is his Letter from the Editor that, in one short paragraph, has truly captured the depth and breadth of influence that tea has had on life.

“Tea culture and appreciation have been a part of human life for centuries. Cha has sat steaming gently between great kings as they discussed the fate of empires, been the sweet cup given to the groom in a thousand-thousand weddings, and given in askance by a student seeking life and guidance from his master. It has meant friendship, been on first dates and accompanied an endless hall of other meals celebrating births, deaths and everything between. Tea has inspired great masterpieces of art–a legacy of painting and calligraphy beyond even the mountain of teaware and teapots created in its honor. It has also been the sip that moved countless pens to poetry and great literature, and the calm melody of so many concerts. Tea is at home with the highest spirituality and the most mundane of lifeways. There is great history written in the veins of this simple leaf, and oceanic presence in the water that has embraced it over and again these many ages.”