Good news for all you community members participating in our current online tasting event. Another tea sample has come sooner than I expected. Instead of waiting to use this new tea for our next tasting event, I have decided to include it with the current one.

Kashanganj Snow Bud

This is a special edition organic white tea grown in Kashanganj, India on the Doke Organic Farm. This special edition tea is produced only as a second flush tea, which is considered highest quality in this region. They only produce 50 kg of this tea each year and we are fortunate to have received two of them, one for the tasting and one for The normal doke white is smaller in size, with leaves that are darker in color and with much less beautifully formed and plumb buds. This tea is comprised of individual, hand picked buds that have the appearance of silver needles. We are very grateful to the Lochans and Doke Organic Farm for providing us this wonderful tea for our tasting event.

For those of you who are registered subscribers and have already paid the nominal shipping charge at for the tasting with the Meghma Oolong, you need do nothing more. You will receive approximately 20 g of the Meghma Oolong as well as 20 g of the Kashanganj Snow Bud.

For those of you interested in participating in this online tasting but who have not yet signed up, there are only 2 things you need to do to receive your samples when they are sent out.

1. Make sure you are registered as a community member and leave a comment on this post of your interest.

2. Pay the $3.00 ($4 International) for shipping and handling here. Make sure you don’t choose a shipping method upon checkout or you will wind up with an additional shipping charge.

Enjoy! The tea samples will be shipped out in a week. We will post further instructions at that time.