Marketing Daily reported that America’s #1 coffee retailer (who knew) has introduced freshly brewed iced teas to limited areas and plans to expand nationally in the fall.

I found their research quite informative. Results from IRI Scanners conclude that carbonated beverage sales are down 7.25%. This is great as perhaps the word is finally getting out about the hazards of drinking soda. Bottled water is definitely slowing as it slipped from 23.9% growth to only 11.3%. But the news for bottled iced tea is amazing. Drum roll please……..Iced tea sales have shot up 32.7% despite price increases.

I must say that I am encouraged by this information. The only down side is that most people put sugar in their iced tea. They even mentioned in their article that a special sweetened version will be available for those in the south. I shudder to think how much sugar goes into that brew.

I am not an iced tea drinker myself. I’m not even a room temperature tea drinker. I like my tea HOT. Once it slips below 100 degrees, I head to the kitchen to make another cup or pot. I must say, however, that by preparing smaller pots of tea each time, I typically drink it all up in one short sitting. The Asians keep their electric hot pots on all day so there’s always hot water patiently waiting to be used for that next pot of tea. I vote for hot pots in all homes around the world.

Remember, next time you’re brewing up some iced tea at home………leave the sugar OUT. If you must add something, squeeze in some lemon, lime or even a squeeze of an orange. If you happen upon a blood orange, it’s fabulous!