Month: July 2007

Tossing Out the Strainers

We have all been learning of the optimal way to brew the perfect cup of tea. But if sharing a pot of tea with friends or family and expanding the potential to add some entertaining ritual is on your agenda consider tossing out...

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The Burden of Proof

“The burden of responsibility is placed on the wrong people: the non-organic companies should be the ones required to list on their tea packages all the pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals they use.  The organic,...

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sand castles and tea

Sand castles. Remember going to the beach, digging in the sand all day, building something like a castle with a moat around the perimeter? Coming home with sand-filled shoes, sand-filled bathing suit, and sand in your ears?...

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what tea to serve your guests

I received an interesting email from a T Ching member. He brought up a few very interesting points which I’d like to put out there to readers of this blog. He was actually asking for some recommendations for selections of...

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