How many of you have had the experience of pouring your tea from one of your pots, from the most common to your most prized, and found that the tea also dribbled out from the lid or some other mysterious unknown place. That always frustrated me and caused me to question the quality of the pot. “This is unacceptable” I would say to myself; “A good pot should have a perfectly smooth and seamless pour.” I felt the pots were letting me down in some elemental way. But then I had an epiphany.

It wasn’t the pots that were letting me down after all, it was me. In fact, my teapots were trying to teach me something very important but I just wasn’t paying attention. In their own special language, they were saying to me “Sandy, slow down. Take your time with us. Don’t rush this process. Feel us in your hands; feel our weight and how smooth and balanced we are. Don’t over fill us and tilt us slowly and deliberately and watch the beautiful elixir cascade from our spouts. See its gentle arch and vibrant color as it fills your cup. Smell the aroma of the tea as it wafts up after hitting the bottom of the cup. Be at peace and in rhythm with us and our liquid treasure will reward you in this moment.”