It used to be that the only way to have a nice cup of tea was to cut out a block of time to heat up the water, steep the leaves and sit down and focus on the simple pleasure of enjoying that cup of tea. It seems we humans are never content at leaving well enough alone.
In this fast paced world of advanced technology and instant information, we apparently no longer have or want to set aside some time to enjoy a peaceful cup of tea. It seems that we are destined to reify all of those science fiction books and movies that have us reducing all of life’s previous pleasures to a push of a button or the popping of a pill.

In their, at times, dubious wisdom scientists at the distinguished Tocklai Research facility in India have just patented a tea pill. They are convinced that they have created “…a tea pill that can be chewed or sucked and having the same refreshing effect like a steaming hot cup of tea.” I may be old fashioned, but I think I will stick with the simple pleasures that making myself a Yixing pot full of my favorite teas brings to my day. How about you?