A news release from Beijing on June 6th caught my attention. “Scientists have proved that drinking tea can help people lose weight.” This information was provided through Guo Xirong, director of the Nanjing Institute of Pediatrics, where they were investigating childhood obesity. “It has been confirmed that the continuous intake of oolong tea contributes to enhancing the function of fat metabolism and to controlling obesity.”

It is unfortunate that the details of the research were not offered or available. It does make intuitive sense however that, in addition to whatever mechanisms may be involved in improving fat metabolism, the elimination of high sugar beverages (including fruit juices) and their substitution with tea, would provide significant advantages to overweight children. I hope research in the U.S. will begin to investigate the health benefits of childhood tea consumption. I believe that this one shift, for our children, will have significant, long term health benefits. Obesity is just the tip of the iceberg.

I am co-authoring a book for children about tea. I’ll let everyone know as soon as it’s available. The manuscript is finished and we’re looking for an illustrator to complete the picture book.