At a time when we want to slow down and relax to diminish the levels of stress that are significantly compromising our quality of life, a cup of tea is a soothing pick-me-up and a much needed break in our busy day.

At a time when we want to cultivate healthy, balancing pastimes, tea and its rituals engender a sense of calm and well-being that nourish body and being.

At a time when we wish to reach out to one another in gestures of friendship and peace, a cup of tea is a symbol of heartfelt hospitality that transcends cultural differences, gender and age.

At a time when we are looking for choices that will promote our good health, tea holds a treasure trove of health-promoting constituents that are proving to be powerful allies that can fight cancer, support cardiovascular system health, reduce stress-causing inflammation, stabilize blood sugar and help prevent chronic diseases.

At a time when mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, and experience that engages all our senses are aspects of living that strongly appeal to us, tea and its rituals open the door to a way of being that can be infused into activities throughout our day.