The event is being organized to give enthusiasts as well as those who are interested in finding out about pu-erh the opportunity to meet with fellow aficionados and experts. The party will be held in the Qing Dynasty-style courtyard of the beautiful Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena. Limited space availability.

The tea lineup will include:

  • 1950’s: Hong Yin (Red Label)
  • 1960’s: Ba Zhong Huang Yin
  • 1970’s: Zhong Cha Jian-Tie “Simplified Character”
  • 1980’s: Xue Yin 7532
  • 1990’s: Blue-Black Label Green Big Tree
  • Post-2000’s: 2006 Taipei Tea Culture Expo Memorial Cake
  • Each of the tea above is considered to be representative of the best expression of its respective generation, and they are highly sought-after by tea collectors worldwide. This will be an excellent opportunity to taste hard-to-find authentic aged pu-erh as well as high quality younger ones.

    More information can be found at Houde’s blog.