I saw an interesting article today called “Don’t drink your calories”. Although the article tends to generalize about coffee and tea, they do say that “Green tea has been discovered to have terrific health benefits, less caffeine, and to boost your metabolism, helping you to burn fat. You can even drink it before you go to bed, calming hunger cravings for that “midnight snack” which might cause you to gain weight”.

I think it’s a good,basic review of soda, juice and various fluids. Yes, America is getting fat from high sugar beverages. It’s important for us all to remember that hydration is critical to our health and wellness, both as adults and for our children. Once again folks, tea is a wonderful alternative to water. Just keep in mind that white and green tea gives you a bigger bang for your buck. Loaded with polyphenols, it’s more antioxidant rich than fruits and vegetables. Is there anyone among us who couldn’t benefit from more antioxidants? So drink up everyone and enjoy your tea.