It’s not for the money
and it’s not for the applause, no
Indus Foundation is for erasing poverty!

What I learned in my school was, it is possible to end poverty. It makes sense to me that if poverty can be created, it can be ended. To some it seems idealistic, and unfortunately we have all come to take for granted that poverty will always be there. We will always live here in Darjeeling, India with a roof over our heads, clean water and plenty of food. And then there will always be those poor people in Bihar – Pothia – Doke, and other places who don’t have clean water, who don’t have enough food and who lose 500 children a day. I learned that it doesn’t have to be this way at all, and that just because it will be a long process doesn’t mean we should give up on ending poverty. If we can put people in space, if we can watch movies on iPods, if we can communicate with people on the other side of the globe in a fraction of a second, surely we can make poverty history. I learned that although the wish to end poverty can seem unrealistic and to some it is an impossible task, it can be done.

It is easy to hear statistics such as ‘a child dies every three seconds due to poverty’ but another thing altogether to imagine being this child’s mother, father or sibling. For each number, there is a human face and a family left behind. It is compassion for people that drives the Indus Foundation campaign

The main motive of Indus Foundation is to end poverty through mass education!