What makes tea romantic you ask? It is the environment you create with tea that can spark your passion. Couples will often drink wine together as a way to unwind and relax, or as a prelude to sex. I propose tea. Sharing a pot of tea with your partner can be an intimate ritual. This ancient brew is steeped in thousands of years of intrigue. Light a candle, turn on some music, brew up a pot of tea and you have created an environment that encourages warmth, relaxation and tenderness. There is a sensual component to a warm drink. If you prepare your tea in a nice size Tetsubin, there can be another warm sip waiting for you after love making, when you’re feeling a little thirsty. The icing on the cake is that there’ll be no hangover in the morning. Instead you’ll have helped to promote health and healing. Imagine something that tastes so good and feels so good can actually be so good for you. I love it when the universe conspires to help us in our quest for health and wellness. As Dr. Wayne Dyer likes to say, “I want to feel good”.

Thanks to Grégoire Vion for the use of his tea heart illustration. You can see more of his wonderful and unique work here.