We are delighted to invite you all to join in on our T Ching tea tasting sessions. We were inspired to contact Ankit Lochan, whose Darjeeling Oolongs post has broken our records regarding comments on the blog, and asked him if he’d be willing to share some of his most special teas with our community for formal tastings. Without hesitation he jumped in and has already sent out over a kilo of samples for us. Phyll Sheng, a T Ching contributor and experienced taster of tea and wine, has graciously agreed to serve as the tea master for this event. Once the tea has arrived, we’ll determine a convenient time to actually do the tastings. We’ll send out samples to those of you who are interested in participating. My expectation is that everyone will share their tasting notes on-line so we’ll be able to see, first hand, what everyone’s impressions are. We will supply downloadable tasting forms to encourage consistency.

It is our intention to develop a program of tea tastings each month for the T Ching community. We can evaluate teas from different countries and regions and then make those teas available for purchase, that received the highest ratings. Please let us know if you’re interested in joining us for this wonderful tea tasting experience. We will send 6 grams of each tea as a sample. Half will be used for the tasting session with another cup to enjoy at your leisure. For those who are serious about wanting to develop their talent for tea tasting, it is necessary to have a thermometer and timer. Most kitchen stoves and microwaves can provide the timer. If you want the convenience of a hand held one, we’ve got one at the store, along with the very best thermometer. We’ll also need to agree on nationally available bottled water if we really want to guarantee consistency. Our vote would be for Poland Springs but we’re open to discussion. We use the Lotus Water Filtration System exclusively but we don’t expect everyone to purchase one just for the tastings. Perhaps after you’ve read our comments about it, you’ll want to consider it for your health, long term cost vs. bottle water and ultimately for your tea drinking pleasure. We’ll be happy to offer a significant discount coupon to those who will be joining our tea tasting sessions.

What do you think about the last Friday of the month, in the evening, for our Tea Tastings? In our home community, we have a wonderful art event once a month called First Friday. Local galleries and shops open their doors into the night with interesting shows complete with wine and nibbles. It encourages the locals to get out, socialize and enjoy beautiful, cultural offerings. If we were a brick and mortar store, we’d have formal tea tastings every month. I want to encourage the T Ching community to evolve and become a special place to visit, where you’ll find comments from your friends as well as interesting new people who’ll be sharing their points of view about our favorite topic……TEA.

Please let us know if you’re interested in this opportunity as there is a limited quantity of tea samples. Once you secure a position, it will remain yours as along as you continue to actively participate.
ATTENTION: The tea tastings are full. Thank you everyone for this wonderful response. We have gotten more names than we can accommodate at the moment, but we have started an “Alternates” list. We are thinking that if anyone of the original list is unable to participate, we can use alternates to fill in. In addition, we will try to procure larger quantity samples in the future, to accommodate more people. I would encourage new people interested in participating to continue to list their names and interest so we can add them to the list.