In 2000 the book Pay It Forward, written by Catherince Ryan Hyde, was published. It was then followed by a movie of the same name. The concept was so powerful, that a foundation was established, the Pay It Forward Foundation, as a way to encourage the use of the concept  in everyday life. Here was a structured plan for regularly sharing random and planned acts of kindness with others.

I would like to propose my own, unique version of Paying It Forward. As you continue to read on this website, tea is proving to be the healthiest beverage on the planet in numerous ways. Not only as a result of the almost weekly scientific studies validating this, but also from the peace and harmony that the practice of tea and tea culture can bring into one’s life. As such, sharing the health, beauty and joy of tea with someone is a gift. I propose to all of you tea lovers out there that you introduce 3 new people to the pleasures of tea culture; from wonderful exceptional teas to unique teaware. Each time you share this gift with another person, explain to them how they can express their appreciation by sharing their new found enjoyment of tea with 3 new people of their own choosing. In this way, we will be serving our fellow humans by encouraging more and more people to engage in healthier practices that can reduce the burdens on our healthcare systems as well as promoting peace and harmony in the world. We invite you to visit our new store and suggest that you steer your Pay it Forward recipients there as well to find unusual tea and teaware to delight the senses. Here’s a letter to download to help make turning someone on to tea fun and easy. Just fill in their name and send it along. One down, two to go!