Turn on the stove
Fill the pot
Choose the leaf
I like mine hot

We’ve finally discovered the wonders of this brew
Everyone would drink it if only they knew

Tea is the elixir that will reduce inflammation
Tea is the answer to increase hydration

Bacteria,viruses,cancer, oh my
Antioxidents ensure that they’re going to die

For something that can sooth the soul
Turning on the masses is a worthy goal

Let’s work together on this mission
Tea can improve the human condition

This is my challenge to all of you
If I can do it, you can too

A few weeks ago, I asked the T Ching community to send along their tea poems. I decided today, with no poems in sight, to see what it would be like to actually write up a poem. As you can see, I’m no poet but I do love tea and found it to be an interesting challenge. It was kinda fun, kinda easy….I’m resisting saying kinda breezy. Other than the hazard of rhyming all day, I think it’s worth the effort. So send in all your poetry efforts. You might just surprise yourself.