Today we honor a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I believe him to be one of the greatest persons of my lifetime. He had a dream, to bring harmony and balance to the world. To have equality for all men, women and children, regardless of religious beliefs or the color of their skin. The world still struggles with this dream although I believe we’re making some progress in this country; small steps toward true equality.

Dr. King has inspired us at T Ching to have a dream as well. T Ching’s dream focuses more on the individual. Our dream is that each person takes responsibility for their own health and wellness. Our mission is to help people consume more wholesome foods and beverages to enhance their health as opposed to the medicines that people rely on to solve their health problems. We believe we can each have a great impact on our own health and wellness. Our remarkable bodies are extremely sophisticated healing systems. Simply observe a cut on your finger to marvel at how your body automatically kicks in to “heal” your wound. In honor of Dr. King, let’s all bring harmony and balance back into our bodies with each antioxidant rich and emotionally centering cup of tea. We have a dream; that every man, women and child of every color will…Drink up and live the dream!