Word is spreading from India to Montpellier, France and from Ontario, Canada to London. The health benefits of tea are eliminated when you add milk. I think we can easily say “I told you so”. I’m happy to remind you that we posted this information on September 5 – Warning – Black tea may not be good for your health. Isn’t it interesting how long it takes to get the word out. Fortunately green and white tea are traditionally taken without ANY additives, “neat”, as they say at the local bar.

A study which appears in the European Heart Journal, points the finger of blame at three casein proteins in milk. These are thought to adhere to the polyphenols (tannins) known as catechins, preventing them from carrying out their health-enhancing work. The small German study examined the blood of 16 subjects. Their results were consistent with 100% of the subjects. That’s 16 out of 16.

I find it interesting that additional research continues to be requested. When the FDA evaluates a drug, take vioxx for example, large scale studies are run for long periods of time. We are led to believe this represents the “gold standard” for testing the safety of drugs. Why are these drugs then recalled later, after death or serious side effects? Obviously, large scale tests don’t always provide accurate information and side effects from drugs. Even those considered “safe” contribute to the deaths of tens of thousands of people each year. That model is seriously flawed.

Why is it so unbelievable that the catechins in milk negatively impact the antioxidants in tea? My partner, Sandy M. Bushberg, is an herbalist and he says that it has been known for decades that milk binds with the tannins (polyphenols) in herbs. Why would they expect tea to be any different, given that it too is a plant? In looking at 16 out of 16 subjects, this binding was clearly the result. If it had been 15 out of 16 people, I could almost argue a case. Add to this the epidemiological findings from the UK and Japan, and a very convincing pattern is established. Isn’t this enough information to convince people that if they want tea to be a health beverage, it is necessary to eliminate milk? For me, it is. Period…..end of story.