Now that winter is upon us, so is the season of that bane to human existence; the common cold. Over the years, we have been learning more and more about simple ways to help avoid coming down with a cold. I, personally, believe one of the most effective (albeit most radical) is to sequester yourself in your home for the winter without venturing forth into that germ ridden world, and not allowing another living soul to step across your threshold. I realize it may get a little lonely and you may get a little pale, but that way you are never exposed to anyone elses germs and can emerge in the spring breathing freely. Just imagine you are a bear and are hibernating for the winter (how many bears do you know that get colds? Exactly! I just proved my point). OK, so it’s not the most realistic strategy. For those of you who do have a life and actually need to leave your homes, you can try these recommended preventative measures instead.

By the way, did you notice that tea had the longest paragraph. I wonder if that means it has the greatest effect? I guess our mother’s knew what they were doing after all.