Walk into any health club, hike down any trail around the country and what will you see? The ubiquitous water bottle or–for the environmentally conscious folks–the nalgene bottle filled with water. I’d like to propose that it’s time for a change.

As we’ve previously reported, Dr. Ruxton, a Bristish public health nutritionist dispelled the “urban myth” that tea is dehydrating. In her article published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and also reported on by the BBC, Dr. Ruxton states that tea offers two important advantages: it replaces lost fluids and offers the benefits of antioxidants.

The fact that tea’s powerful antioxitants can support physical endurance suggest that it is superior to mere water. Plus for athletes, it packs an extra punch with helpful anti-inflammatory agents. Absolutely nothing is better for you when you’re exerting yourself. Just look at what Kristin Sloan, a N.Y.C. ballerina has to say about it.

Why just rehydrate when you can revitalize? Make tea your beverage of choice; at home, at work, at exercise and at play. Your body will thank you with more robust health and wellness.