Once again, an exciting itinerary is planned for the next China trip. For over a decade the China Tea Tour has been bringing tea lovers of all kinds from around the globe to experience the wonders of tea in its homeland. Visiting dozens of fascinating and exciting tea-related destinations all over China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, tour members experience first-hand, the culture and color of the leaf.

Departing in September, some of the special highlights planned for this year’s adventure include: a visit to the tea gardens of Shizuoka, Japan and enjoying the Japanese tea ceremony; China’s historic capital city of Beijing, the Great Wall and Forbidden City, the lush Green City Mountains in remote Sichuan where Taoist monks pick and make tea; the picturesque Huang Guo Shu waterfall, the Miao ethnic tribe village and the verdant tea gardens in Guizhou; the breath-taking peaks of the Yellow Mountains located nearby many of China’s famous tea production centers; the enchanting city of Hangzhou home of Dragon Well tea, hundreds of tea houses and the beautiful West Lake; Yixing, the birthplace of the teapot and pottery capital of China; vibrant and bustling Shanghai.

With garden and factory tours, learn how to pick and make a variety of teas. Study tea ceremony and culture. Enjoy tastings of dozens of wonderful teas. Make your own Yixing teapot. Visit tea supermarkets. See martial arts demonstrations. Attend a conference at a Traditional Medicine hospital. Visit the National Tea Museum. Wander through the Panda Reserve. See local hand and art crafts being made. Meet with experts from major tea companies. Explore natural and historical scenic spots. And of course, take in the ambiance at several tea houses.

And, we are pleased to announce for the first time, plans for the Tea Tour of India and Sri Lanka in 2008. Please contact Dan Robertson of The Tea House (630 961-0877) for more information or visit www.theteahouse.com for all the details.