Month: December 2006

What is Tea?

By Sen no Rikyū, 1522-1591When both the host and guesthave exchanged their minds,only then does the water truly boil.Since the garden path is a waybeyond this transient world,why not shake off the dustwhich soils the mind?What...

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On Becoming a Tea Sage

When I first signed on at T Ching as Editor, I was so inspired by this post by Donna Fellman that I rhapsodized about it on my personal blog. Since then, a funny thing has happened. People who google “sage tea” are...

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a cup of Christmas Tea

Merry Christmas! We’d like to share with you Tom Hegg’s poem about how a cup of Christmas tea can transform obstacles into miracles, keeping the traditions of hearth and home alive.Wishing you and yours all the best...

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