There is an old chinese saying “In heaven there is paradise, on earth there is Suzhou and Hangzhou”.

On our most recent trip to China, we had the privilege of spending some time in both of those places. I can attest first hand that they are heaven on earth. Within Hangzhou (pronounced Hahngjou), is the West Lake area. Many of the beautiful lakes throughout China are called “West Lake”, but this one is the original and most beautiful, from which all others take their name. It is a magnificent area that is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists. As you can see from this photo we took, it is understandable why people flock to this area.

Also located in this area is Longjing Village, the home of what is considered by many to be the premiere green tea in the world… Long Jing (also known as Dragon Well in the states). We had the great fortune to be able to spend 2 nights in one of only 2 rooms in Longjing Village’s most famous Tea House/Inn. This is also where Longjing (Dragon Well) gets it’s name, for within the grounds of this teahouse/i is the original Dragon Well, seen here with Michelle, founder of T Ching.

A beautiful hillside village, Longjing is not unlike a village in Tuscany surrounded by tea gardens everywhere you look, instead of olive orchards.

Here is an informative article about this beautiful area of Hangzhou.