Good news for all you hair pullers, nail biters, teeth grinders and xanax poppers! You can now hydrate yourself, anti-oxidise yourself and help keep yourself more relaxed all with just one simple, sugar and crap free beverage. Ain’t life grand.

It’s been reported for a very long time (would you believe over 3.000 years) that tea helps create a state of alert calmness (that means you can get stuff done and still be relaxed). That is why some of the earliest and most devoted consumers and growers of tea were monks and monasteries in China, India and Japan: It greatly enhanced their pratice of meditation.

Now, thousands of years later we finally have western scientific evidence of what they have known in the east for all this time: Drinking tea helps us relax and manage stress more effectively.

Check out this other article summarizing the results of the research that Dr. Bukowsky has written about.