I’m always delighted to have Dr. John Weisburger share some of his vast knowledge of tea with us and its profound health implications. I think Dr. Weisburger’s comments are relevent to everyone.

“Medical research and especially cancer research has pinpointed desirable and undesirable lifestyle factors as regards to the occurrence and prevention of chronic diseases, including the many types of cancer. It is important to translate this research to public health activities and public knowledge involving definite behavior changes as regards to nutritional habits, and also to have regular exercise. Sugimura coined the phrase tenju gan, meaning cancer may be unavoidable but it should occur at the end of a long life. We believe, however, that enough has been learned about etiological and preventive factors bearing on most diseases, including most cancers, that a lifestyle can be adopted that prevents most of them and permits people to reach an old age, 90-100 years, in perfectly healthy condition, and to simply go to sleep and not wake up, as a cause of death. With an aging population, it is important to do research and understand etiologic factors for diseases associated with aging, including osteoporosis, and arthritis or mental conditions such as Alzheimer disease and related conditions. Even there, it seems that adequate intake of vegetables, fruits and tea as sources of antioxidants may delay or even prevent these conditions associated with aging.”