Moving to rural Oregon 3 years ago from New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the country, brought a lot of change into our lives. Water was one of them. Being health conscious and always aware of pollutants in water, we had invested in a whole house Reverse Osmosis system for our historic home of 25 years. It had been built in 1911, complete with original lead pipes which caused us some concern, so the expensive water filtration system seemed important. Moving to Oregon made us feel that we were leaving a lot of pollution problems behind. During my house hunting, I was delighted to learn of the public water system owned by Crystal Springs which EVERYONE actually bragged about. Yes, a taste test confirmed the community consensus… was damn good water indeed. We even went a step further than mere taste testing. We live in an agricultural area and had some concerns about chemical pestisides so we got an analysis of the water which confirmed yet again the quality of the water. While at the World Tea Expo in March, I was offered a free testing tube from Cirqua who were providing water analyses for convention attendees. They were surprised to conclude that we had “very good water” and said that a simple filter could eliminate the chlorine and fluoride which would cost about $500-1000.00. We decided it wasn’t really necessary.

During an industry show last summer I was happy to be handed a bottle of water as a sample. I breezed right by the booth as I cracked open my bottle. UM…..very tasty water. Was I just so parched that any sip would have tasted good or was this a really good type of water. I headed back to the booth and discovered TERSANO and their new LOTUS water filtration system. I snagged a second bottle to bring home after I watched the demonstration of their water filtration machine. Once home I asked my partner, Sandy, to try the water…..he agreed it was delicious. I contacted Tersano and requested a sample of their new product for taste testing teas and it arrived a few weeks later. Needless to say, the first thing we did was make a cup of tea. To tell the honest truth, we both weren’t absolutely sure if there was an actual difference although we suspected there was so we got into the habit of using it to make tea. We were doing a lot of sampling of teas for our future tea business and liked the consistency that we’d developed. During the second month of use, I was making a last pot of tea for the day and the Lotus pitcher was empty and I didn’t take the time to refill it and just used tap water. I handed Sandy his cup and he asked with a frown….” Ugh, whose tea is this?” I guess he assumed I was tasting a new tea company’s tea. “It’s just the 4th steeping of the Angel White we’ve been drinking today”. I proceeded to taste it myself and was absolutely shocked… was almost undrinkable. How could this be? If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I’m not sure I would have believed it. It appears our pallets had become accustomed to these teas without any chemicals and the difference was profound. That experience led us to drink ONLY Lotus water, which meant not just for tea anymore.

As you can imagine, when ever we have friends, family, guests, or neighbors over, tea is always served. I often send people home with samples of what they’ve enjoyed and I typically get the same response…..”How come it doesn’t taste as good as the tea I had at your house?” I always point out issues of temperature and time but even when I know those factors have been accounted for and I’ve provided the tea, I’ve come to the realization of just how important the water is in the formula. It’s gotten to the point where Sandy wants to use the Lotus water for EVERYTHING….even boiling corn. I have put my foot down on that one. If you’re making rice, or steel cut oats, or anything that will absorb the water, I agree. But boiling water and then throwing it down the drain…..remember we’ve got Crystal Springs.

So, the good news is, the Lotus system makes absolutely delicious water for tea, which is especially important for delicate whites and greens. It’s reasonably priced and doesn’t require installation or a loan to get set up. The down side is that you’ll develop a taste for the absolute purest, oxygen enriched water and you will get spoiled.