Our mission is to improve the state of declining health in this country. There is a growing epidemic of Obesity and Type II Diabetes that is unprecedented in the history of this nation. What’s worse is that it has been reaching down to the youngest members of our society. One of the primary causes is the increased consumption of high sugar beverages. This, along with generally poor diets and reduced excercise, is a disasterous combination.

Having been in the health care field for 25 years, we experienced the frustration of trying to impact change in the lives of our patients. We strongly recommended to most people the need to clean up their diet, to take supplements, to begin a program of exercise, and to meditate. These recommendations typically fell on deaf ears. Enter TEA. Here is one, simple, delicious, healthy beverage that you can easily incorporate into your life. TEA has the potential to significantly improve your health and wellness. TEA doesn’t involve changing your entire diet. TEA doesn’t require you to join a gym or buy exercise equipment. TEA doesn’t even require a time commitment. It’s easy yet it can affect you in a profound way. One simple step……DRINK TEA*

We at T Ching have dedicated ourselves to changing this decline in health by providing people with a much healthier and enjoyable alternative; TEA. We are committed to spreading the word about tea by educating consumers about it’s myriad health benefits as well as all aspects of the world of tea. We want people to see that not only can drinking tea improve their health in so many different ways, but it can also bring great pleasure and enjoyment into their lives.

* We do believe that regular exercise, stress reduction and a healthy diet are important parts of a complete lifestyle that will produce optimal health benefits. If, however, you are only willing to add one small change to your life, we think that should be TEA.