Ritual, as defined by Webster’s, is an activity that is “done in accordance with social custom or normal protocol”

1: of or relating to rites or a ritual: CEREMONIAL ritual dance
2: according to religious law < ritual purity>
3: done in accordance with social custom or normal protocol

We have many rituals that we participate in every day; just think about your mornings. Do you have certain routines you do daily? Brushing one’s teeth might be such a ritual. How we wash ourselves in the shower might follow a certain order. Take a look at how you dress each day. Is there a consistent sequence to how you put on your shoes and socks? Many Americans start their day with a cup of coffee that is brewed in a specific way. If we took the time to closely observe our actions throughout the day, we would begin to notice many rituals that become unconscious activities that shape our lives.

Rituals give structure, meaning and order to our lives. What if they also brought greater peace and improved health? I would like to invite you to do so by creating a tea ritual in your life. By simply taking a few moments to drink a cup of tea every day, you are likely to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Why not replace the standard “coffee break” with a much more elegant tea break? Unlike coffee, tea does not cause a physiological crash an hour after ingestion. Take a few minutes and just empty your mind while you savor the delicate taste of white or green tea––and create a sustainable spaciousness that can accompany you through the rest of the day.

Perhaps my favorite time to enjoy tea is after work. It provides a clear distinction between work time and my personal time. The luxury of a few quiet moments and a delicious cup of tea helps me transition from the stimulation of making things happen to the anticipation of relaxation.

Drinking tea with a meal is another wonderful opportunity to benefit from tea’s powerful antioxidants as well as aide in the digestion of oils and other heavy foods.

What is your favorite tea ritual? Tell us about it!